About SIC

SHREERENUKA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION is ISO9001-2015 certified manufacturing company registered as MICRO unit under MSME Act. We manufacture wire mesh filter shapes that reduce rejection in gravity die casting process.

From 2014 we have started work on agro-processing equipment and developed a DEHYDRATION EQUIPMENT. It is used for dehydration of perishable vegetables namely CORRIENDOR LEAF, FENUFREEK, ONIONS SLICES, GINGER SLICES, TURMERIC SLICES etc. Today it is estimated that 35% of agro produce go waste in our country before reaching the customer. Our SHREERENUKA DEHYDRATION EQUIPMENT will address this issue. It has a stainless steel rack system with trays made from stain less steel perforated sheet. The items to be dehydrated are spread on the trays and the trays are arranged in the main rack. The rack is covered by black regsin all over to avoid direct sunlight falling on the material.

Wire Mesh